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Certified RAID 50 Recovery

Data Recovery Center can help you if you're experiencing problems with a RAID 50 unit. We provide comprehensive data recovery solutions at affordable prices for RAID 50 as well as other types of RAID levels. With expert engineers, state-of-the-art facilities, and the most advanced software, you know that Data Recovery Center will provide the best recovery solutions anywhere.

RAID 50 is another more complex unit that combines two lower RAID levels to make a far more reliable array. RAID 50 combines parity; a method used by RAID 5 and striping; a method used in RAID 0. This means that each stripe in the unit can hold a separate hard drive, it also means that the unit will create a partial copy of the information on each drive. If one drive in a RAID 50 array fails, it can be reconstructed using the parity information.

The benefit of this level lies in its better fault tolerance. However, those who use RAID 50 will find that, while the fault tolerance is high, the storage capacity suffers because of this. RAID 50 is able to withstand one drive failure per set, meaning that total data loss is extremely rare, but not impossible.

RAID 50 arrays can fail for multiple reasons, such as:

  • More than one drive failing or malfunctioning within a certain set
  • Loss of parity information
  • Mechanical damages
  • Improper RAID rebuilds
  • Power surges

Data Recovery Center can help you if you're RAID 50 unit has failed or has been damaged. Whether the failure is confined to one set or multiple, we can help. Our experienced and certified technicians know exactly what to do in order to figure out what the problem is, repair the issue, and recover your data safely and securely.

If you're experiencing a problem with a RAID 50 unit, don't hesitate to reach out to us right away. You can request a free quote and evaluation by filling out our convenient request form, or you can call us toll free to discuss expedited or emergency services.

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