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If you're looking for the best comprehensive data recovery solutions, then Data Recovery Center is the right place for you. Our secure facilities, cutting-edge technology, and expertly trained and certified engineers have made Data Recovery Center one of the most highly recommended recovery companies in the industry. If you're having a problem with a RAID 0+1 unit, we've got you covered.

RAID 0+1 uses two methods; striping and mirroring. Each section or stripe of the unit can be connected to a separate hard drive, allowing for great storage capacity. In addition, any drive that connects to a RAID 0+1 unit will have its data automatically backed up or mirrored onto another hard drive within the system. Due to this RAID level's high fault tolerance and high speed, it's favored among corporations, IT companies, web companies, and enterprises. It's particularly popular among those using high performance systems.

RAID 0+1 units have high reliability and fault tolerance, meaning total data loss doesn't happen often. The combination of striping and mirroring helps to prevent data loss by allowing for one hard drive in each set to fail without any data loss occurring.

Mechanical problems, RAID controller failure, damages, human error, multiple hard drive failure, operating system errors, and damage caused by viruses are all possible causes of partial or total RAID 0+1 failure or data loss.

If you're experiencing RAID 0+1 malfunctions, we don't recommend trying to fix the problem yourself or using any data recovery software to attempt to pull your data on your own. If this is done incorrectly it can lead to further damage, making the recovery process that much more difficult. If you have a problem with a RAID 0+1 unit, get in touch with us right away. Simply fill out a request form to receive a free quote and evaluation, or call our toll free number to learn more about our services or to discuss emergency data recovery.

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