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Certified RAID 0 Recovery

Data Recovery Center offers RAID 0 recovery services at all of our 40+ locations across the United States. Our certified engineers provide comprehensive data recovery solutions based on years of experience, training, and expertise. Your RAID 0 device will be worked on in one of our secure facilities and handled with the utmost care.

RAID is used to increase the performance and reliability of a hard drive. Most often, RAID units are used by companies, enterprises, and organizations. They're ideal for storing large amounts of data that need to be safe and secure. Certain RAID models, including RAID 0, are used by home and individual users as companies, businesses, and enterprises.

RAID 0 allows you to store data in a series of stripes, this is called striping. This means you can use multiple hard drives, each connected to a different stripe. The problem many people run into when using RAID 0 units is the lack of redundancy; if one drive in your RAID 0 array fails then the entire unit fails, causing all data in the array to be lost.

Data Recovery Center's certified and trained engineers will recover your data by:

  • Working with our advanced data recovery software.
  • Using proven, professional recovery methods to locate and recover lost data.
  • Working within one of our secure facilities or a Class 10 ISO 4 certified cleanroom to keep your data safe and secure throughout the process.

We can work with any type of operating system, filing system, or file type to bring you comprehensive RAID 0 data recovery solutions. Our meets all requirements of ISO/IEC 2700, SSAE16, and PCI DSS standards and are certified in each. When you choose Data Recovery Center you know you're choosing a safe, secure, and certified company that is equipped to handle even the most sensitive data.

If you've lost data due to RAID 0 failure, get in touch with us today. Request a free quote by clicking the button below, or call our toll-free number if you're in need of emergency services. Data Recovery Center is here to help any day, any time, and with any type of media.

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